Tony’s LCC Update 9/21/18

Dear LCCers,
Many thanks to all who came and brought food and worked hard to make our Homecoming meal such a joyous experience! Lynn Knight worked her creative magic on the tables, and the pics of LCCers new and old were wonderful to see. I am grateful to the ladies who worked hard helping her. So many helped with set up and food and clean-up and dishwashing that I hesitate to name names–don’t want to miss anyone! Thank you all–your service was wonderful and inspiring! What a blessing to have a serving and working church!
Among the servers and workers I noticed: people with severe physical disabilities; new people who haven’t been here long at all; long-time LCCers, whose service is continually inspiring; some who are old enough where they could say, “Done my time”, but they did not; etc. Thanks!
Thanks too for the marvelous music on Homecoming! Our Choir, Orchestra, Tech Crew, and Bell Choir all did a fantastic job. How blessed we are to have them all!
Tomorrow, Saturday, Dwayne has a rehearsal to prepare for Ekklesia (Oct. 7!) at 10 am. And, Allison and Josh have a “Movie on the Lawn” coming, the activities and food begin at 7pm! This is an evangelism opportunity–invite your friends and join in.
On Oct. 14 the Welcome Class will be sponsoring a special luncheon for Parents with Children! All parents with children 5th grade and under are invited. This event is free of charge and will be right after worship in the FLC.
Sunday’s message is planned to come from 1 Cor. 15:50-58! What an exciting passage! Hope you’ll read it, and join us on Sunday! (And while you’re at it, say a prayer for the preacher!) Love to all–