Tony’s LCC Update 8/10/18

Dear LCCers,
I hope you enjoyed our series on “Not-so-Little Women”, as we looked at some of the outstanding women from the pages of Scripture! I particularly enjoyed hearing our women read the passages–many thanks to Debbie Dyer, Jamie Renshaw, Pam Morgan, Ashley Cox, Trudy Daffron (who did it “in character”!), and Francine Jones-Snead, all of whom did a wonderful job. Many thanks, ladies.
This coming Sunday we plan to go back to a series we started before this just completed series, the one on 1 Corinthians called “A Hot Mess > His Holy People.” The passage this week is 1 Cor 7:1-5, and looks at marriage. Marriage in our own culture is pretty much a Hot Mess, and it certainly was in 1st century Corinth! I pray God’s Word will give us some much-needed instruction in this crucial area.
We have a lot of excitement in our church as we got all of our programs running at full speed after a break in July! Children and Youth were everywhere on Wednesday night, and both Allison and Josh have wonderful opportunities for young people going on, and I hope you will bring yours and plug them in. Dwayne has the Choir and Orchestra back with power, and that is thrilling for all of us. Patsy Gurr and her Wednesday night cooking crew did a wonderful job with the meal. The Adults have a Bible study you would be blessed to attend. Join us on Wednesdays starting at 5:45 pm!
We have plenty of prayer needs at LCC. In the praise department, I saw a video clip of the now not-so-little Norah Nguyen practically running across the floor–praise the Lord for her recovery, hers and mom Grace, too! Another praise: Joe Anne Toney, Gensie McDonald, and Barbara Johnson were able to be in church with us Sunday! Continue to pray for Geraldine Coleman, who is home now, but her daughter Jamila is unfortunately back at Emory Hosp. Betty Hubbard (Lifecare) and Marie Cape (Pruitt) are at extended care facilities. Frank Umberger, Dorie Botteicher, and Loetta Benton are at home recovering.
I love and appreciate all of you–I look forward to worshiping with you on Sunday–