Tony’s LCC Update 3/29/19

Dear LCCers, Last Saturday we had our “Free Lunch” project, and praise to our Lord and thanks to all of you, it went wonderfully well! Here are some statistics: – We distributed 300 meals free of charge to some very grateful people! Most received them in the church parking lot, but we did take 10-15 meals to both the Police and Fire stations, and another 10 or so went to a local business. – Approx 40-70 people were here Saturday am to assemble the meals. A fair number of these stayed all the way to 12:30 pm to distribute the meals. Boxes were packed, loaded, and taken to the front parking lot. Many people with signs, waves, and smiles encouraged people to come in! – We asked for 300 brownies, at least 2X this came in—the remaining ones were used this past Wednesday night! – Over $2,000 was contributed by you to make this happen! Total expenditures, even upgrading the lunches to include Chick-Fil-A sandwiches, was a little over $1,400! The extra funds will go into our Thanksgiving Meal fund, to be done in November! – There were many heroes here doing great inspiring service. Senior adults. Children. Everyone in between. Special acknowledgement must be given to Jim and Patsy Gurr (menu advice and wonderful support); Paul and Rosie Bengtson (Baked beans prep, and organizing our assembly tables); Richard and Pam Morgan (leadership); and Kandy Davidson (publicity, food and supplies purchasing, and making our Cards!). – Speaking of Cards—each lunch had a card affixed with info about becoming a Christian (Jesus the Bread of Life!) on one side and an invitation to church activities on the other! Many thanks to all who participated in this project! Last weekend our Youth had a camp out, and we are grateful to Josh Cox and Eric West for making this happen! I think I heard there were 22 youth and 9 adult there. Speaking of Josh, he will be preaching this Sunday. Please keep him in your prayers, and I encourage you to be here and worship together! Debbie and I will be traveling this week, so I ask you to keep us in your prayers too. We have a trip planned out west (to the Grand Canyon, etc.), and we’re really looking forward to it! We will miss you. When you come Sunday, pick up some invitation cards that are in the Welcome Center telling of our upcoming church events in April! A great chance to share Christ with your friends! These events include: April 14, “Blessings” presented by our Choir and Orchestra; April 18, Disciple’s Service; April 20, Easter Egg Event; and April 21, Resurrection Celebration, with Breakfast at 9:15 am, and Worship at 10:30 am. Thanks for your prayers! God bless you all—