Tony’s LCC Update 2/22/19

Dear LCCers,
In addition to our people here which need our prayers (you’ve read about them in emails this week), please remember Dwayne Wylds and those with him in Poland on their mission trip, and Marla and all their families here! The travelers are due to return tomorrow, and we pray for their safety and success of their efforts.
We have opportunities every week to invite people to experience Christ spiritually, and we should be glad and take advantage of these for others and for ourselves. We also have chances to be together for fun and fellowship, and those times are important, too. Building relationships is a big thing in the Body of Christ! One such opportunity is tomorrow night at the Chili Cook-off and Men’s Bake-off! Bring your food items in for judging (or just to bring them) at 5:30 pm, and the fun, including eating and trivia, begins at 6 pm. Bring a friend.
There are many wonderful miracles in the Scriptures, which one is the most impressive? Well, of course, the Resurrection of Jesus has to be #1. It is by far the most important miracle (in fact, one could say it is the most important event, period, that has ever taken place!). But aside from that, which one strikes you as the most dramatic or life-changing? We all have our favorites, but in my mind Jesus’ raising Lazarus from the tomb is hard to beat! Elijah and Elisha raised people from the dead, and so did Paul. Jesus Himself raised at least a couple of others that we know about. But Lazarus…is special. Read John 11, I’m excited about getting to study this with you on Sunday!
I love you and your family, thanks for your prayers for me–I am praying for you. God bless you–