Tony’s LCC Update 12/28/18

Dear LCCers, This is the last Update in 2018! Every day is a gift, isn’t it? A constant theme in Scripture is the soon return of Jesus. It could come at any moment, and all of us should best be ready. I pray we will all “run through the tape” at the finish line of 2018 and be running when 2019 hits. I thought our Christmas Eve service was marvelous! Richie Morgan Livestreamed it for us (and hasn’t that been a wonderful development in 2018?), and the Choir and Orchestra were superb. I loved Sally Walsh’s solo, and Dwayne and Norman Bernal’s instrumental duet. Carmen Belden (our gifted and God-sent pianist) and Bill O’Brien had a fine piano/narration piece. Mary and Joseph (Amy Huddleston and Josh Cox) even made an appearance!
I love to take communion and light candles with you. It was a special night. Allow me to take this opportunity to thank some of our special servants for another year of faithfulness. Pam Morgan organizes our Communion prep; Paul Bengtson organizes our Home Communion; Karlyn Miller organizes our follow-up to visitors; Martha McKenna and Pat Sheckells organize our Greeters, and Brian McKenna and Jeff Sutliff our Parking; Doug Grimm and Scott Hartman organize our Serving Teams; Pam Straughan does all manner of things making our worship services special; our Tech Crew (Deanna Scott, Debbie Stephens, Huck Huddleston, Linda Moore, Jeff Denney, Brian Melton, Rob Hubbard) do tremendous work week-in and week-out; Richard Walker organizes our Co-Op ministry; Ken and Lynn Akins (and family) clean up after breakfast, and Sherman Wade sets it up; our Spanish Breakfasts are always a treat (the Chows, Gordillos, Ana Smith, Ammie Ventura, and others do a great job); Patsy Gurr and her crew prepare the best meal in town on Wednesday nights; and on and on it goes! Sunday School and Wednesday night teachers! Homework helpers! Children’s ministry workers! How blessed we are!
Our Elders have served us well another year. These men all love the Lord and are 100% dedicated to LCC. They love their spouses and families. All are men we can admire and praise God for: Paul Bengtson, Jim Gurr, Richard Morgan, William Renshaw, Jeff Stephens, and Sherman Wade. Thank you, men! They are brave and loyal. Our Staff is dedicated to their areas of service and our Church, and I praise God for them. It is an honor to serve alongside them: Dwayne Wylds, Josh Cox, Allison McAlister, Kandy Davidson, Lynn Akins, and Deanna Scott.
All are talented and all are appreciated. This Sunday we plan to celebrate some of our Lord’s victories here in 2018! Baptisms and events and victories! Josh Cox will be preaching (and we are all thankful for him and his family being with us!). Afterwards we will tackle Christmas Undecorating! We need people with skills and people with none. Guys with drills (the stable is beautiful, but large!) If you will stay for a few minutes afterward we can get it done together. Thank you all for being a part of LCC! I praise the Lord for 2018 and pray with you that 2019 will be our best year yet. I love you all–God bless you and your family– Tony