Tony’s LCC Update 12/21/18

Dear LCCers,
Christmas is coming! I pray that the joy of the birth of the Christ child, with all that He means to us (salvation, joy, peace, real love, life’s genuine purpose) will be yours this Christmas!
I hope you will join us Sunday morning, as we gather to worship and sing the glorious music of Christmas. Our message will share another wonderful Bible character and the gift they brought to Jesus. I look forward to sharing it with you!
Our efforts to Livestream our services are bearing fruit! Each Sunday, on a typical week, 300+ will click on our website or Facebook page and watch all or a portion of our service. Our Livestreaming crew recorded the Sunday night, Dec 9th presentation of “A Christmas to Remember”, and so far over 1,200 have watched all or some of that! I am grateful for Richie Morgan and the others that have worked so hard in this area to provide this new way of sharing the message of Jesus. (When you see Richie, Austin, Eric West, or Chris Elkins give them a thanks!) Your financial contributions to this have really helped! (And you are welcome to keep giving–mark your contribution “Going Live”!)
On Dec 24th, this coming Monday night, we plan one of the most special services of the year, our Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion Service, at 6 pm. I hope you and your family and friends will join us for this!
Deb and I thank you for your partnership in serving our Lord here at LCC for another year. We are grateful for your love and prayers and kindnesses to us, and appreciative to you and to our Lord for the opportunity to serve Christ here. We love you all.
Merry Christmas!