Tony’s LCC Update 12/14/18

Dear LCCers,
Last Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday night our Christmas program, “A Christmas to Remember”, was presented by our Choir, Orchestra, Tech Crew, Drama team, Greeters ministry, and Parking lot helpers. The temp was in the 30’s, and the rain just kept falling. But a total of over 1,100 people came anyway, and it was a true blessing! The music and drama were very powerful, and the story of Jesus’ birth and the hope of life eternal that He offers was told in a striking way! I thank everyone who came, sang, played, helped, acted, prayed, invited, and made it happen. Well over 100 people were involved each night (some from other churches, especially Whistleville Christian), and it was a real joy to witness it. When the Choir and Orchestra kicked it into high gear and the angels came out and bowed in adoration and the light shone on Joseph and Mary and the baby Jesus, it was as though Heaven came down!
Our thanks to Dwayne for his leadership. What our Lord does through him is a blessing, isn’t it? By the way, our folks will be presenting “A Christmas to Remember” this Sunday night at 6 pm at Whistleville Christian in Winder! And, you can see the Livestream of the event on Facebook or our website. (Thanks to Richie and his crew for making this happen)
Last Sunday morning the Wisemen payed a visit during worship, and that was exciting to see, wasn’t it? For those who might have wondered what they looked and sounded like, well, the real ones were here! (Thank you Jory, Gary, and Steve) Who knows who might show up this Sunday? I hope you’ll be here to see!
Our Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion Service draws near, the time will be 6 pm. I hope you’ll make plans to join us.
Thank you for your prayers and involvement in our church! Love and Christmas blessings to all–