Tonys LCC Update 11/9/18

Dear LCCers,
Pray! Our country needs prayer. The election perhaps settled some things, but our divisions are deep and passionate. Politically we need healing and peace. There was another mass shooting. There are many torn and broken people among us. There’s too much violence and too much rancor. Pray for healing.
Pray for your church. Josh and Ashley are going to the North GA Camp tonight to take a group of teens to the Deeper Life Retreat. Pray for our youth and the those from the other churches who will be there to grow in their relationships to Christ and to each other. Pray for our upcoming Thanksgiving Outreach. Pray for our Christmas Program (this year it will be on 3 nights, Dec 7-9). Pray for the Gospel to go out at these times and each Sunday when we gather for worship. Pray for the healing of our church flock. Pray for the salvation of souls. Pray for love to be shared among our people.
Thanks for your prayers! Pray for your church leaders. Soon it will be time to set a budget for 2019. We ask God’s grace and guidance and prayers as we do. May His agenda be our agenda.
Sunday I plan to begin a new series of messages called “The Lord Jesus Christ”. Sounds a bit odd at first, one might ask, “Aren’t all sermons on that general theme?” And indeed they are. But I’d like us to look at the specific things taught in that powerful Biblical description of Jesus. In the Gospels He is mainly referred to as “Jesus”. Even that name is filled with meaning! But by the time we get to Acts and the Epistles, He is again and again called the Lord Jesus Christ. I look forward to looking at some marvelous passages of Scripture with you, and I pray that by the end of this series we will love and appreciate and worship Him all the more!
Thanks for continuing to share Words of Grace with others. I love and praise God for each of you–