Tony’s LCC Update 11/30/18

Dear LCCers,
It is almost time for our Christmas Program! As you know, each year we are treated to a wonderful program of music and drama which tells the story of Jesus’ birth in a powerful way, and this year, our Lord willing, will be no exception! What a blessing it is to have so many gifted people in our congregation, and we praise God for Dwayne’s leadership and all of the singers, musicians, actors, tech people, stage construction people, and etc. that are a part of this! If you haven’t seen the Sanctuary since last Sunday, you are in for a surprise–the place looks exciting.
The title of our program this year is “A Christmas to Remember”, and the dates and times are Dec 7, 7:30 pm, Dec 8, 6 pm, and Dec 9, 6 pm. Pray, and invite your friends! A special rehearsal is coming Saturday, tomorrow, at 10 am. Also at 10 am Allison will be leading a Cookie Bake for children in the FLC, and I hope all of our children take advantage of this opportunity.
Sunday, Dec 2 will be a special day. We plan the beginning of a new prayer time, at 8:30 am, and you are invited as we get on our knees and seek our Father’s will and blessings. After the worship service, we plan our Annual Congregational Meeting, where we will consider the proposed budged for 2019. And, you can wear your Ugly Christmas Sweaters to church–there will even be a photo area where you can remember how out-of-style you looked!
Also this Sunday I plan to begin a new series of messages called “My Gifts to Jesus”. Gift-giving is a part of our Christmas celebrations, and it is appropriate that we consider what we might give to the One Whose birthday it is! Several Bible characters gave gifts to Him, including John the Baptist. Read his story in Luke 3:1-20.
Thanks for being a part of our church–my love to you and your families–