Tony’s LCC Update 11.23.18

Dear LCCers, I pray that everyone had a safe and joyful and Christ-filled Thanksgiving. We all certainly have plenty for which we can give Thanks! I thank our Lord for LCC, and the opportunity I have to serve here with all of you. Yesterday’s Thanksgiving Outreach event went wonderfully well! The Lord provided all the food that was needed, all the workers needed to prepare it, and plenty of people who were hungry and needed to be fed! The last count I heard (from Richie Morgan, who computerized all of the requests for meals and deliveries, and Cathy Wade, who was fielding phone calls and calling people back who needed meals) was 1007 meals! This enormous project could only happen with God’s help! For all who came, cooked turkeys, prayed, contributed, or helped in any way, we say, “Thank you”! In addition to Richie and Cathy, Ana Smith worked hard behind the scenes fielding calls from Spanish-speaking people, Paul Bengtson was acquiring food and equipment and organizing the kitchen, and Richard Morgan was helping provide oversight and direction, and we thank them all. And Paul Pipkin was our Director over the whole project, and Paul’s efforts and guidance were huge in making the day a success! Thank you, Paul. I could be wrong, but I think someone reported to me that over 180 workers were here on Thursday and that didn’t count others who were dropping turkeys off, and etc., so we praise God for all who helped. A large number of people came from other churches and organizations outside of LCC. These want to serve others and Christ as we do, and it was wonderful to have them. If you would like to help, you still can! Financial contributions are still needed to cover the costs of the food. If you would like to make a contribution, you may place an offering in the plate and label it “Thanksgiving”, or you could go on-line to our website,, and make a contribution there. I hope to see you all on Sunday! May God bless you and your family, I love you all–   Tony