Tony’s LCC Update 10/12/18

Dear LCCers,
Last Sunday night at Ekklesia, Dwayne, our Choir, Orchestra, and Tech Crew did a wonderful job leading worship! A huge area-wide choir and orchestra joined in with ours, and our Lord Jesus was praised in an encouraging service. Thank you to all who helped and were a part of this effort!
This Sunday they will all be leading us, as they always do. I hope you will be here to be a part of it! We have a new series from Philippians 4:4-8 called “Anxious for Nothing”, and I ask for your prayers as we worship and study together.
On Sunday after the service we plan our Luncheon for Parents with Children (5th graders and under), and I hope all of them will be here and stay after for the meal and the fun. The Welcome Class is hosting this event.
I am really grateful for Richie Morgan and his crew leading our Livestreaming efforts with our service each week. I hear from people all the time who are blessed to see our worship online. In talking with Richie, he is thrilled with what they are able to accomplish, but more and better are in our future! He has plans to add more features to our efforts which will enhance what we can offer, and so if you’d like to make a financial contribution to help with this you may do so! Mark your gift, “Going Live”!
This has been a hard week for our church with grief and hospitalizations. As you know from receiving the steady stream of emails we send out with prayer info, we’ve had 3 deaths touch our church family this week, and as of this writing we have 5 people at Gwinnett Medical Center alone. Thank you for your ministry of prayer.
I am praying for all of you! Thanks for lifting me up. Hope your Friday is fantastic, and I look forward to seeing you on Sunday–